What makes a vehicle Unique? It all begins with a few stripes, then a nice set of wheels and tyres and the list goes on.


We are passionate about cars and as such, spending time styling a vehicle is something we are not scared to do.


Having access to a wide variety of suppliers in the country we can offer wheels and tyres for your car.



  • Gloss or Dry Carbon Accents

  • Underbody LED with Phone control

  • Front Grill Strobe Lights

  • Head light and Tail Light Tinting

  • Amber Delete on Head and Tail Lights

  • Chrome Deletes around the vehicle

  • Calliper Painting

  • Calliper High-Temperature Custom Decals

  • Side Mirror Wraps

  • Interior Wrap with any colour or print

  • Stickers, Decals, Window Banners

  • Ceramic or Carbon Window Tinting

  • Tyre Stickers 

  • Carbon Fiber or ABS plastic Body Kits


Please get in touch for a free no-obligation quote.

 Every car deserves to be different and we are here to help you achieve a head-turning look.

Want to turn heads while you drive? Then we will get along just fine.

With many body kits available in Carbon and or ABS durable plastic the possibilities are your everyday drive car will turn into a Mean Machine on the road.

Combine that with custom wheels and tyres, some side mirrors wrapped in a special texture, stripes here and there, callipers painted, a custom decal for your brakes on any colour, high-quality window tinting, some LED lights for show (not while driving), interior accents wrapping, tyre stickers and Voila!

Sometimes is the minor details that make a huge difference so if you have any ideas or something in mind, reach out as we woudl love to show you what we can do.



Is not only about wanting some stripes or a Roof wrapped. Most of the time, our clients have an idea but are not quite sure about the finished product.

Every job we do includes a render of the actual vehicle so you can see what the car will look like. And if you are not sure we will design something for you.


We clean your vehicle and decontaminate the paint with a clay bar. Then we wipe it down with a special solution that leaves the surface clean and ready for the application of the vinyl.

We do this to ensure adhesion and protect your original paintwork.


Where required, We remove, lights, door handles, side mirrors, bumpers, and antennas in some cases. Lots of patience and love in your car will follow.

When installing body kits some drilling or adhesive may be required, we do that too.


This is where the fun begins, we send the artwork to our plotter cutter and printing machines to ensure straight lines and an exquisite result.

 Once the wrapping and body kits have been finalised, we assemble all the parts back to factory specifications and detail the vinyl to deliver that perfect finish.

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