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Colour Change Wraps

Make a unique statement and give your vehicle a new colour with a full or partial wrap.

With Satin, Matte, Gloss, Metallic and even Chrome colours, there is no limit to what we can do.

Our In-house Consultation with real 3D renders make the process easier than ever before.

A colour change wrap is a great way to give your pride and joy a totally different look, while you preserve the original paint of your vehicle.

Think of it, as a removable second skin, that helps you to achieve a paint-like result for a fraction of the cost and much faster!

With over 100 Colours to chose from
& Five different finishes (Gloss, Matt,
Satin, Chrome Colour Flow), we can
revamp your vehicle and make it
look fresh

More than 21+ Colours

Available for that perfect
Colour Flow Finish.

Protects Your Paint Work from UV Damage, fading and discolouration on your paintwork!

26 Different Textures to chose from; Carbon, Brushed and even Leather!

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Own it now, pay later

Interest Free Always

Flexible Repayments


Gloss Finish


Paint Protection Film

Keep your vehicle at its best in Show-room condition all year and say good bye to:


-Stone chips




-UV Damage

100% Hydrophobic, it repels Water!

Tree Sap, Bird Drops

Everyday Accidents,


Key in of your paint work

Protects from UV Damage, fading and discolouration on your paintwork!

Self Healing
Stone Chips and 

malicious damage

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Protects your


Vehicle Styling Consultation

We get it!

You want to stand out from the crowd and go the full
100 yards, with style.

What a better way than having a glimpse of what your vehicle could look like, before is even wrapped!

If you really want to set off the look of your vehicle, start considering:

-Racing Stripes

-Gloss Carbon accents

-Head and Tail Light Tinting

-Decals and Liveries

-Colour Chrome Details

-Body Kits

From a set of stripes, partial wrap to
full colour change, we can help you

to see it before it happens.

Take the Guess Factor out of the

Equation and have a glimpse of

what your car could look like, before

its even wrapped.

We'll produce for you,
a Photo and Video

Render of your vehicle.

Share our renders 

with Friends and Family

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Your Wrap



Commercial Signage

The best way to advertise your business is by wrapping your vehicle with Vinyl, and getting attention while driving.


From partial to full wraps, brand stickers, Wall signage, building signs, window graphics and films; we can assist with refining your ideas and business needs.

We create custom colour change wraps to help your business stand out on the road.

From simple cut logos on the sides
and rear of the vehicle through a
partial wrap, a full wrap in coloured
vinyl or a full high quality printed

vinyl we can help.

We create eye-catching messages and stunning full-colour graphics, converting your car into a premium advertising space.

Take the Guess Factor out of the

Equation and have a glimpse of

what your car could look like.

Protects from UV
Damage, fading and
discolouration on your

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Full Colour Change


Nanoceramic Protection 

Our Ceramic coating provides gloss and depth into your car’s paint. But before we put any barrier all over the vehicle; our trained technicians, complete a full Decontamination with clay bars and proceed to cut and polish the vehicle to correct the paintwork.

The high-density ceramic layer provides nano protection against chemical damage. It can also remove tree sap, tar, and hard water spots.

After we ceramic coat your vehicle, any water that falls over the paint, is repelled immediately and all water-based dirt and grime will bead on the surface and eventually 
slide off.

A quick wash afterwards and you have yourself a spotless, ageless car.

Provides resistance against bird poo/tree sap), Chemicals, the harsh QLD UV radiation and some minor scratch resistance

With a metallic gloss/shine finish
our coats offer Hydrophobic
Properties causing the water to
bead off.

Imagine washing and drying your car
in under 30 minutes!

Unlike most coatings in the market, our formulas offer a certified hydrophobic warranty from 2yrs to 10yrs. Do not fall trap of the "lifetime" warranty claims by other detailers.

We coat your Windows so they repel Water beading on. With our Wheel Formula, you can say goodbye to Brake Dust!

Leather and Fabric interior are also coated to protect them from food and drinks accidents.

Our Nanoceramic Coating will preserve and maintain that new look for years.

Super Gloss

Sleek & Shiny