What makes a vehicle wrap so Unique? Not only can you get a more stylish and special colour for your Car, SUV or Van; it will also protect your paint from scratches and stone chips.


It is removable so you can be as unique as you like and change the look whenever you feel like. Want to keep the resale value on your vehicle? Well by wrapping the car you are protecting the paint so the car's condition is always maintained.


A colour change wrap can be completed within approx 3-5 days, we don't have a price list as some colour options and vehicle specifications vary.



  • Reduce damage to the paint

  • Easy and Quick to repair and replace

  • 4-5 days Installation* compared to 5-8 weeks paint

  • Easy to look after

  • Fully Removable, like a second skin

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 A Colour change wrap is the best value for money option you can go when considering having a new look on your car.

The new Vinyl on your car will protect its original paint and will create a unique look. Nowadays with limited colour options from Vehicle manufacturers, there has never been a better time to change the colour of your car for a fresh look.

The technology used on Vynils nowadays, allows the consumer to enjoy the product with an easy to look after experience. Car washes, pressure washers and gloss enhancers can still be used.

We Only use Industry leading and recognised Vinyl Suppliers. If you have seen a Chinese product with not known brand for $500, good luck with the application of the vinyl and make sure you save some money to respray the vehicle's paint after the removal of the vinyl. 



Is not only about choosing a colour. Perhaps you want to have your car detailed too or have some ideas but are not quite sure about the finished product.

Every job we do includes a render of the actual vehicle so you can see what the car will look like. And if you are not sure we will design something for you.


We clean your vehicle and decontaminate the paint with a clay bar. Then we wipe it down with a special solution that leaves the surface clean and ready for the application of the vinyl.

We do this to ensure adhesion and protect your original paint work.


Yes, every car wrap that is meant to be awesome requires for the car to be pulled apart. We remove, lights, door handles, side mirrors, bumpers, and antennas in some cases. The result is a much better product that will cover as much of the original paint as possible and will last longer.


This is where the fun begins, we carefully measure and trim the vinyl to specifications on each panel of the car; the result? Better coverage and final looks. Once the wrapping has been finalised, we assemble all the parts back to factory specifications and detail the vinyl to bring that colour out.

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